5 Tips For the Shy and Insecure College Freshman

I wrote a blog over on my other… blog. If you’re an apprehensive college student (or about to be), maybe it will be of help to you.

College according to lisa

Hi there, terrified human being.

Terrified? Or are you excited? Well, you shouldn’t be because the gaping, hungry jaws of young-adulthood are about to swallow you whole without any remorse or hesitation. Then, you’ll be regurgitated and spat back out in disgust due to your complete lack of taste or worth.

Kidding! You’ll be fine, just read this post and follow me. Wink.

If you are anything like me (which you must kind of be considering you clicked on this at all), then your transition into college might feel like something comparable to awaiting your execution or being next in line to order at Starbucks.

Wait, so the “tall” is the small size? How does that make sense? What in the world is a frappe? What am I even going to order? Where am I? How did I get here? How did any of us get here? Is “here” even…

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