5 Things You NEED for College (not included on any Pinterest list!)

My first post on my new, college-focused blog. Check it out for all your collegiate needs.

College according to lisa

Hello there, frightened potential freshman! At least that’s what I assume you are. It could also be that you are an upcoming sophomore, junior, or senior who still hasn’t gotten your shit together yet. That’s okay, too. Welcome!

This time last year, I was in your very shoes: nervous, excited, anxious, and all the other words that came up when I looked up synonyms for “nervous”. I was ready to take my first step into a world filled with strange people, strange drinks, and strange things clogging up communal bathrooms, but I hadn’t the slightest idea what I needed to prepare for this journey. No one in my immediate family has ever been to college, and I didn’t have any cool, older friends to show me the ropes. All I had were dozens of pinned posts on Pinterest detailing what I should pack, what I should buy, what I should DIY…

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