YOUTUBE!!!!!! (videos you should check out)

I and a friend of mine, Brenna, have been kicking around the idea of becoming “Youtubers” for a while now. What does it mean to be fledgling Youtuber in 2014? It means making stupid videos with bad quality and not getting anymore than 10 views unless there’s nudity involved. Unfortunately, being nude is against our morals. We even shower fully clothed unlike the rest of you filthy skanks.

Still, I thought my lovely, non-existent readers would still like to help me out. We have a couple videos uploaded already, and they’re pretty fantastic. Some are long. Some are short. Some feature my lovely face. Some feature Brenna’s. And a select few feature BOTH. Don’t you feel lucky for landing on this blog today?

So here they are! All of our hard work on the internet. Also shown: me getting in trouble for vlogging. Ugh, today’s ill-informed educational system.

1. Scavenger Hunt!

Since we are never together outside of school (geography is a *bad word*) we decided to make a video where we don’t have to be in the same place. Basically, we had a list of items we each had to find in one day, and film ourselves next to them. It was quite an adventure (that’s why it’s so long). I hope you enjoy.

Special guest star: Alicia Martinez

Click here for an ounce of amazing. 

IMG_0878 Snapshot 1 (12-22-2013 9-16 PM)IMG_0875

2. If you want to see the rest of my D.C. trip, I uploaded the rest of that vlog in another video. Not as exciting, but if you’re horribly bored, this is something.

Click here for an ounce of amazing.


3. If you want to see our more of our amazingness– but you want to see it with scripts and more people, here is the video for you.

We decided years ago that our YouTube career would start with a sitcom called the “Clyde & Marie Show.” We spent a whole summer writing dozens of pages for the scripts. We even created a whole after school club for this purpose. While we haven’t been able to fully act them out the way we want to (with costumes and such), this is a close enough attempt. And everything, especially the laugh track, is magnificent.

Okay, not everything. Ignore the stupid Aimersoft label. The software I used to pull the video up embedded into the video.

Special guest stars: Hannah, Samantha, Seth, Jenna, Mallory, Ana

Click here for an ounce of amazing.

table read

4. Brenna has recently launched her own YouTube channel. Her first video is entitled “I grow my own pants.” If I were you, and I had no idea who this “Brenna Gause” was, I would check it out solely because that title is the most amazing thing since sliced cucumbers.

Honestly, they used to just take those long, green things and shove it down their throats.

Click here for a gallon of amazing. 


5. And here is our latest vlog, where we attempt to build a snowman (fail), film without being caught (fail), and talk about something interesting (fail– but please still watch).

Click here for so much amazing, your mind will not only blow but curl into itself in pure, terrified awe. 

IMG_1304 black and white


6. …and if you want to take a look back down memory lane, view our very first video together. In it, we discuss what our show is about and why you should watch. We also mention some dates that didn’t quite work out and that you should ignore. Enjoy.

Special guest stars:






Kaila (unseen, she took the picture)

Click here for an ounce of nostalgia.



I hope that you are bored enough to click on any one of those videos (or more) and find some kind of enrichment out of it. Our sense of belonging in this world depends on it.

Your beloved blogger,


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