Writing and the Internet

I am willing to admit that the thought of picking a major for college is just now sinking into my procrastinating brain.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been busy thinking about what I want to do with my career and how the internet will help me excel in my occupation. I’ve been doing this mostly because I realize I should set out a clear plan for my future and partially because I saw the Internet Initiative Scholarship.

It was a lucky coincidence the two coincided.

To get an idea of how I will create a successful path for myself, I went through many college websites, roamed many lists of majors, and scoured many “Get Rich Quick” schemes.

Through my research, I found that most “hot jobs/majors” dealt with something in the technology industry. From game design to cyber security, it seemed that every big field nowadays requires vast amounts of complicated computer knowledge and engineering expertise. Being a person that is not fully equipped with either, I got nervous. I started to worry that there would be no stable job out there that I could enjoy and do well in. In the advanced era of smartphones and self-driving cars, it looked to me like there was no space for someone whose method of fixing a crashed computer was crying “Please work.”

To ease my depression, I decided to write. In the spirit of the new school year, I wrote a list of tips for high school freshmen. While people very rarely read my blog, I thought that even if one poor, lost, former eighth-grader found it helpful, it was worth the time.

It dawned on me at this point how much power I had in my fingers. At the click of a button, I had just sent my words into the world. Someone across the country could have been reading what I had just wrote and devouring the advice of a girl they didn’t even know could give practical advice.

This is essentially the beauty of the internet.

I don’t think enough attention is paid to the effect of the internet on fields outside the realm of computer science and the like. Writing has been revolutionized in this age. When I see that my material is capable of reaching a far larger scope of people than Emily Dickinson’s poetry back when she was alive, I think first of how horrifyingly unfair the world is, and second of how technology has given writers a much more influential voice than they have ever been able to attain. With blogs like this, a writer like me could gain a fan base without ever having a word published in a newspaper or book. Of course, with the millions of WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr accounts online, the chance of doing so is still extremely small. Still, the opportunity is out there for the delusional and the determined, and I am a proud member of both.

This time next year, I plan on going off to college as a journalism and communications major. I want to continue taking creative writing courses in order to improve my abilities and be around those with much more talent than I, in hopes that they will rub off on me. Then, in my spare time, I am looking forward to joining the school newspaper; this is especially exciting for me since my school lacks one, and none of my peers have ever read my writings. (Whether this is a good or a bad thing is entirely subjective.)

Afterwards, I intend on getting any writing job I could find and sticking to a ramen noodle diet in order to pay off the tremendous student debt I will unquestionably acquire upon graduation. Hopefully, that will all pay off in the end when I become an established journalist for an internet news publication. I also have an idea of starting my own online news website like The Huffington Post or The Daily Beast that will focus in international news and contain a collection of bloggers from all over the world who can give accurate reports of major stories developing in their countries.

Throughout all of this and whatever else may come my way, I will continue blogging. As an unknown writer, there is no greater gratification than knowing people from anywhere around the globe with access to modern technology can see my work and love it or hate it as much as they please. Not only will this help me better myself in the craft but it will also be a necessary part in creating a name for myself in the field. In this day and age, nothing else could give me a louder voice in the world.

The internet is a rich and odd place filled with real-time news, bored people, and a lot of cat videos.

In other words, it is a haven for writers. I aim to use this haven to further myself in every way possible in college and beyond.

Your beloved blogger,



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