Goodwill Haul

I’m not sure if you all know this, but along with being a new self-proclaimed film critic and sometime amateur political commentator, I am also a renowned fashion connoisseur.

And in that sentence, “renowned” means completely unknown and “connoisseur” means one who can kinda-sorta pick out outfits that make sense. I hope this gives you a better idea of what I mean.

So when I went to Goodwill yesterday with my friend, Alicia, I decided to share all my genius findings with the world. Not only because I think it would show people that they can still dress nicely wearing used clothes but also because I know no one would watch it, and I (we) could act as stupid as I (we) want.

So here is the video. Watch. Enjoy. And sing that increasingly obnoxious song by Macklemore if you want to.

Your beloved blogger,


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