Random Reviews: Grown Ups 2

*This is my first movie review; go easy on me, darlings.*

The other day, I went with a couple of friends to see yet another supposedly-hilarious Adam Sandler flick. I came with extremely low expectations of the film, being familiar with some of his other Happy Madison works. I left with an affirmation of by doubts and the plaguing question: Why?

It is worthy to state that I have not seen the first Grown Ups, and while I am not quite sure if this hindered me from understanding the jokes in its sequel or not, it definitely left me wondering what had occurred in the previous. 

Here’s the gist:

Adam Sandler’s character, Lenny, has moved back to his hometown from Hollywood with his unrealistically hot wife Roxanne (Salma Hayek) and crowd of children. There are his friends, auto-mechanic Eric (Kevin James), cable-man Kurt (Chris Rock), and promiscuous baby-daddy Higgy (David Spade), who have their own mini-story lines within the movie. They try to cope with the growth of their children while gripping onto parts of their youth. Visiting their former hang-out spot, they encounter a group of frat boys headed by Taylor Lautner (I don’t remember his name in the movie but who needs to? It’s Taylor Lautner). They are humiliated and banished from the area in the nude… a lovely sight I must say. Meanwhile, their children get into various antics as well. Lenny’s and Kurt’s sons deal with the trauma of seeing their fathers naked, Eric’s son seems to be mentally-challenged, and Higgy’s son might kill him.

All of this nostalgia and ludicrousness culminates to an 80’s themed party at Lenny’s house.

There are also several cameos by the likes of Jon Lovitz, Andy Samberg, and Stone Cold Steve Austin (for you WWE fans).


It left me with the question that if this sequel is about the group getting together and living out their younger days while simultaneously growing into their adult responsibilities, what was the plot of the original? I can’t help but think it was the same thing, just in a different setting with different cameos. 

The jokes are gross, juvenile, and nonsensical. It plays on character stereotypes used a million times before, and although the cast has excellent chemistry and charm, it does little to redeem the dignity of this film.

Halfway through, however, I realized that dignity is not what Sandler wants for this or any of his productions. There is no aim for sophisticated comedy or original concepts. The jokes are the way they are because there are still people who like that type of funny. 

And that’s the genius. Adam Sandler achieves the one thing he tried for in this movie: stupid fun. And that’s what this movie is.

It is stupid.

It is fun. 

Sure the story is tired and hi-jinks are just plain odd but if you are simply looking for something to watch that could bring out your child-like sense of humor and crack a smile of your face, watch Blazing Saddles. 

If you can’t find it on Netflix, then go see Grown Ups 2.

Just be warned that if you are the type of movie-goer who has a hard time laughing at the aforementioned Sandler-esque comedy, you’ll come out wishing you had stayed home and caught a better (and cheaper) movie from Redbox. 

I mean, the opening scene contains deer urine; take from that what you will. 

Overall Consensus:

It’s not my cup of tea. In fact, it’s a cup of boiling hot deer pee. 


This is what I got when I looked up “boiling hot deer pee.”

If you went to see it and have a different opinion, please leave a comment down below. Do acknowledge that mine will still be superior because I have a picture of goodness-knows-what to illustrate it.

Your beloved blogger, 



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