Stop talking about WBC


No, not white blood cells; although they are less interesting than their more colorful counterparts, RBC’s. 

I’m talking about the Westboro Baptist Church. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a minute to google it yourselves and get out from that thousand-pound rock you’ve been living under.

For years, this institution, consisting mostly of members of one (crazy crazy crazy) family has been trying to spread a message of hate through all the mediums they could find. Their actions are so appalling they’ve evoked countless counter-protests, including one from the KKK.

To what level of crazy do you have to reach to cause the KKK, a group once famous for lynching people, to protest you (while, at the same time, being white)? You and I may not have the answer to that but apparently the aforementioned church does.

I refuse to ramble on further about them; instead, I’m here to plead to the few people who follow and/or will read my blog to do the following:


This is harder to do than it sounds. The media LOVES talking about this group. Why? The same reason we have cable channels who report news before checking if they’re true or exaggerate stories to the point that they become realistic-fiction or hire people with little knowledge but insane theories.

It’s easy, sensationalist reporting that can quickly garner viewers/readers.

This group makes such a mockery of itself, you question whether it’s real or a figment of your pessimistic imagination, influenced by years of watching super-villain movies.

That is why I don’t think they should be talked about so often anymore. It’s not real. The church is an unbelievable conglomeration of hate and desperation. It is not an anti-gay nation that they want; it’s attention, and the more they get it, the more they will continue doing what they do.

Why else would they threaten to picket Steve Jobs’ funeral? Or the memorial of dead children?

Not only are these events wildly offensive but they’re also random and highly-publicized (and in the case of Jobs, painfully ironic).

I’m not saying they don’t believe in their convoluted message. The members of this establishment are obviously extremely dedicated to their anti-gay agenda but what they are more dedicated to is fame. They know how to get it, and the media has proven to them that they know what they’re doing.

Internet trolls are nothing compared to them; in fact, they probably invented the act of getting attention from offending others. So what should you do to internet trolls? What should you do to this institution?

Ignore. Ignore. Ignore.

Your beloved blogger,



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