Would YOU watch a YouTube sitcom?

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here so obviously my return is only brought on by the need for a shameless promotion. So here goes:

A friend and I are going to start filming a sitcom which we’ve worked on for years (literally). It’s taken a while for us to get it developed and everything but we finally received the go-ahead.

I’ll save the details on our frustrating-ly fun process of getting our idea confirmed and why we even needed confirmation for a later time. By that I mean a time that’s not 3 in the morning.

For now, I’m going to get straight to the point…

Oh, look!


Sorry, what was I doing?

Oh right, getting straight to the point.

Our idea for the sitcom came to us a few years ago while we were walking the track in gym. When we discussed it, it seemed like some sort of silly inkling we would forget about soon. However, the more we talked, the more we liked it and the more we thought it was very much possible to make our dream come true. *insert Disney music here*

Enter the Clyde and Marie Show.

What is it about? Well you can put that noose down because I know you’re just dying to know, and I shall tell you!*

Picture it: 1950’s Hollywood, the entertainment scene as a whole. Glamorous, alive, and devoid of any Kardashian (gasp). A sitcom starring an adorably funny couple and the antics of their crazy friends become  a nationwide hit, and America falls in love with the stars, Clyde and Marie Eckhart.  Even better? They aren’t just married on screen, but the love birds had been married even before the show started. Make room for the “aww’s!”

However, what the fans don’t know is, behind the scenes, the love had long gone out for the two. They no longer think so fondly of each other as they had been, torn apart emotionally by the destructive drama of Hollywood.

Actually, no, they just hate each other.

However, as Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson knows, they must stay together for publicity. Marie’s tough, strong feminist attitude coupled against Clyde’s submissive and foolish’s demeanor is the complete opposite of the roles they play on screen, which is the main cause of their rift. This of course, leads to some silly misunderstandings and adventures that lets the audience explore the realm of 50’s entertainment (because it’s basically the same as 90’s entertainment, only in black and white).

Obviously there will also be a privy of supporting roles that will make the show more fun and interesting including a zany director named Bob Zorro, an egotistical best friend/rival Samantha Wheatley, a ditsy and traditional housewife Anna George, and a host of other male characters we just wrote in because women in the 50’s needed husbands.

So what do you think of the show? Keep in mind, we are very creative and witty people (sort of), and I don’t like to brag but we have won an honorary Oscar for our work.


By “won,” I did mean buy.

I also want you, dear invisible reader, to know that whatever you think of the premise, the show still has a potential to be much greater. Remember the pitch for Seinfeld was “A show about nothing,” which may seem like a piece of honest genius from the start considering today’s television demographic but back then looked awfully silly.

I still want to know your thoughts, so please, if you have any questions, suggestions, or hateful remarks, PLEASE comment below and I would be very grateful.

Our YouTube sitcom should air possibly some time next month if we get everything straightened out in time.

Trust me, I would never lie to you over a blog -that’s sacred- so believe me when I say the show will be worth a few minutes of your time.

If not, I’m sure your time isn’t that precious any way. You did just waste a good amount of it reading this blog.

Your beloved blogger,



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