When Life Gives You Lemons– Be Lucky It Didn’t Slap You In The Face

I haven’t blogged in a while, as you may have not noticed.

I have long neglected my Everyday Confident series but for those of you who are actually interested in it, I will resume it this weekend when I have time (hopefully) and continue to give you the best in WordPress entertainment. 

For today, at midnight, I want to write about something else.

Recently, my life could be described as a roller coaster. No, not this kind.


More like the kind you rode when you were, oh, 7.


If you don’t understand my analogy (and how could you not I used pretty pictures??), let me clarify.


Have you ever hit that particularly low-point in your life when you’re experiencing a lot of ups-and-downs that are confusing and scary enough to make you want to puke but not enough to make you realize you’re enjoying the ride?

Well that’s it. 

While some of the events that have occurred in my fascinating life have caused by heart to jerk in all sorts of directions, in many ways, I feel pathetic whenever I get overly-excited about something or overly-depressed about something because there seems to be nothing going on that is worth either extreme. I am stuck in a boring loop on cheap green and orange dragon, riding along the two inch drops and experiencing the sensation of false enjoyment/fear while others are riding the Kingda Ka. 

Although I look at those other daredevils and yearn for the moment I would finally experience a “big-kid” drop or rise, I stay on the dragon-thing.

I stay on because it seems that every time I get the nerve to step off, something happens that drives me back. It’s like someone is trying to tell me that my place is on the kiddie-ride, that I’ll never survive on the massive loops, and that the surge of confidence I felt for completing my first mini-drop without screaming was ridiculous… because obviously it was not at all a huge accomplishment and I should humble myself a bit.

I don’t like the idea of “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

First of all, I don’t really like lemonade. 

Second, I think my lemons are different from a lot of the people’s I know. While their lemons are noble challenges, mine are simple, but frustrating, issues that drowns any sense of accomplishment I had left. 

So now that I’ve ranted on for forever and successfully incorporated two bad analogies onto one blog post, I think it’s time to leave you, dear invisible reader, be.

If you made it this far, or if you made it here at all, I applaud and thank you.

I will gladly make you lemonade any day. Just comment down below how many sugars you want.

Your beloved blogger,



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