Hello Again/Recap of Everyday Confident


Unbeknownst to an overwhelming majority of you, I have been absent from the blogosphere for an unseemly amount of time. During this absence, I have almost completely abandoned my “Everyday Confident Series” that I was so determined to be consistent with this year.

Oh well.

Seeing as how the last time I had chronicled my my life along with the Jane Garton book that offers daily tips and challenges on how to improve one’s confidence was… January the 2nd, I am too weary to capture the whole of the 12 days that you missed my genius from your blog feed.

But here’s a little summary:

*Day 3- I thought about my past (it sucks) and my present (it sucks) and reflected on how those will shape my future. Pretty self-explanatory.

*Day 4- I was supposed to get “phone-confident,” but seeing as how virtually the only people who talk on phones anymore are secretaries and pizza-places, I’m just going to imagine this one. *imagines self having confident business conversation on obsolete telephone* Yup, I sound very eloquent on the phone if I do say so myself.

*Day 5- I’ve faced my own problems. I guess.

*Day 6- Made a list of short and long-term goals: Short term~ Don’t fail midterms next week Long-term~ Don’t fail at life.

*Day 7- Adopt a role model: Mother Jones, Lucille Ball, Abraham Lincoln, Martha Gellhorn, and Carrie from Sex & the City. No joke on the latter.

*Day 8- Be a bookworm: I am really trying to read more. Not just because the book is saying so but also to become more cultured and more prepared for the SATs. So I picked up Ethan Frome and started reading but since I’ve lost the book since then, I don’t know how that’s going to get anywhere. I guess I’ll give Gone With the Wind another try.

*Day 9- I have learned to say “no.” Don’t believe me? Want me to prove it to you? Well, no. I won’t. No.

*Day 10- “Stick up for myself,” I do go to school but I cannot say that I have been “bullied” much. There rarely comes a plausible time for me to defend myself. Since this one was not applicable, I decided to eat some cake. That improves confidence, right?

*Day 11- I have “created boundaries” which means I think realistically about the tasks that I would and would not be able to do and plan my life out accordingly so that I will not be overworked or over-stressed. We’ll see about that when I get to plan my schedule for next year and take all the AP classes offered.

Day 12- Making sure I have business/professional-esque wardrobe pieces in my closet. Although I do have to admit, I am not at all struggling as far as style and appearance goes (although some may think differently; they can make their own blog to express that opinion), I do think that I need more sophisticated, splurge-worthy clothes. Elsa Schiaparelli (rival to Chanel in the 1920’s fashion world) once said that every woman should own a fine and fitted suit. Even if she wears it everyday, she will look chic. Everyday; unlike all those other girls who prance around in Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and Hollister thinking they’re the epitome of teenage vogue. Oh wait, that’s me. Maybe I still need to work on this one.

*Day 13- “Write before I speak,” this portion of the book tells me to write down important things I plan to say (speech, complaint to the boss) before I actually say them so that I will be more effective and assertive with my words. I haven’t had a chance to use this one but plan to soon. “Hi Mom, I think you need to be less overbearing and obnoxious so I can live my life like a normal teenager. Love you!” Works like a charm.

*Day 14- Hey! We’ve reached today! Apparently I was supposed to “think before I delegate” which means I need to stop being dependent on others and find the confidence to do things that my low self-esteem mind tells me I can’t do. Hmmm…. Sounds difficult. Can I ask for a pass?


I don’t think I delegated any tasks today. Then again there weren’t many hard tasks to delegate. I’ll keep you posted, invisible reader.

Well, that’s all. Thank you for sticking to the end. I wish you to join me in my journey of building a better Lisa and *insert name here.* Follow this blog, like this post, jump a fence, gurgle tomato juice, shake an old person’s hand, punch an aardvark in the face, tell the pizza guy you love him, and comment down below what you did today that made you feel confident. And again, follow this blog. (:

Your beloved blogger,



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