Everyday Confident- Day 2

I know I’m late on this one, but you probably don’t.

For those who aren’t following my new (amazingly awesome) blog series, I’m currently trying to live my life according to a the book “Everyday Confident: 365 Ways to a Better You” and blogging about it everyday. Or at least I try to.

Why? Because in order for me to really change myself this year, I need a small, compact, colorful book to remind me to do so.

Every page, there is a certain thing you have to do. Yesterday, I had to “sing my own praises” or congratulate myself after every accomplishment, no matter how big or how small.

So I gave myself a pat on the back and a nice, “Good job Lisa!” when I figured out how to reset my WiFi and open my nail polish bottle.

To prove to you that I actually did it, here’s a video of me telling myself how incredible I am into my camera in the creepiest manner possible.


Your beloved blogger,


P.S. Like this if you get “The Help” reference. (;


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