Everyday Confident- Day 1

To start off my new blog series (the consistency and longevity of which I cannot ensure), I first developed a title.

Creatively, I just took the title of the book. 

If you had not read my previous blog post, I am currently trying to reinvent myself in the new year by following the pages of a book by author Jane Garton called, “Everyday Confident: 365 Ways to a better you,” which sounds like some cheesy chick novel aimed at desperate females filled with condensed tips and “inspirational” quotes. 

It is.

However, it seems like a very helpful self-help novel (and this blogger needs a lot of self-help), so I am determined to follow the instructions that Garton has laid out for me. Starting with…

“Start Small”

On my first day, I am supposed to attempt to start a small project, one in which will fill me with self-gratitude upon its completion.

I chose starting a fashion mural for my bedroom wall.

To the men or masculine-esque women reading this, you may scoff at my supposed superficiality but I believe having something of the such could give me much needed inspiration for my wardrobe, as well as a nice decoration piece that would go nicely next to my One Direction poster.

Say what you will but with great appearance comes great opportunity. You are more than welcome to wear a potato sack or a poorly-selected outfit from an over-hyped retail chain, but they probably won’t win you that job interview or that girl/guy you’ve been eyeing at the *__insert hangout spot here__*. Not to mention it always feels good to look good.

To start my new project, I have selected pictures from the internet of various fashion icons and standouts: Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, Jackie O, Emma Watson, Kate Moss, etc. etc. etc. This process took a lot of strenuous Google-ing, just so you know.

Then I made up a list of things I need to complete my project:

Picture Frame



Printer Ink

And… that’s it.

What? The book said “start small.” It did not specify how small. I believe this is a refreshing start to my 2013, and an optimistic sign of my journey to a reborn, confident Lisa.

(Lisa would be me)

To the non-existent people who read this blog, if would like to follow me on my journey, just remember to hit that follow button, and if you want to follow along with my book adventure, leave a comment down below about what your small project would (will) be.

Tune in next blog when I will talk about me talking to myself.

Happy New Year!

Your beloved blogger,



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