365 days to a better me (maybe)

For Christmas, my friend got me the following book:



I’m not quite sure whether she picked it simply because it looked like a fun read, or that she had the intention of helping me break out of my cautious and insufferably shy cocoon. Whatever the reason, I have realized that this book may be the key to 2013 success.

Every single year, I set a list of goals for myself with an overly-optimistic vision of myself checking off the list with a determined flair.


I shall be more confident.

I shall talk to more people.

I shall be more independent.

I shall become more budget-cautious.

I shall NOT procrastinate anymore.

I shall learn how to ride a bike.

I shall start and finish a short story.

Then next year comes and I find myself slipping into the grasps of reality- a reality where I am not very confident, talk to few people, am very dependent, spend too much money, still don’t know how to ride a bike, and see a blank word document blinking at my face. I don’t even want to think about the procrastination thing.

So maybe, possibly, this book will finally give that extra push (or reminder) I need to make actual changes this year, not just hopes for changes. 

And to keep myself on my toes, I have decided to publish my daily accomplishments (or… the opposite) according to each page, on this very blog starting January 1, 2013.

How lucky you are, non-existent reader!

Each step or challenge, if you will, has stuff like, “create boundaries,” or “go to a movie by yourself,” and details on how to complete them. 

There is one tip on every page and there are 365 days, with benchmarks after every four weeks for me to record my progress. 

I feel like this is a wonderfully well-structured book with great advice, and I do recommend it to anyone who also has trouble accomplishing New Year Resolutions.

Otherwise, wish me luck, read my blog (*insert pathetic plea here*), and Happy New Year.

P.S. The book is written by Jane Garton for anyone interested. Not sure who she is but my fate lies in her hands. Let’s hope she’s a goodie.

Your beloved blogger,



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