5 Christmas Wishes You Won’t Have To Make (because I’ve made them for you)

In these last few minutes of Christmas day, I wanted to get my Christmas wishes in before time runs out.

So, before the clock ticks 12:00 o’clock 26, December, I’m making this list to wrap up all the things other people, including myself, want this year but forgot to ask for– whilst listening to my Pandora Christmas station.

I didn’t quite know the official way to declare them (letter to Santa? too late) so I thought blogging about them would be most appropriate in my circumstance.

Here I go…

Wish #1: World Peace

No ever asks for world peace anymore– not even beauty pageant queens. I’m not sure whether it’s because we simply don’t care anymore or that the recent tragedies that have been popping up around us have discouraged our hope for the human race but nonetheless, I still believe in the redeeming power of togetherness and love (maybe because it is Christmas or because I’ve had too much eggnog). So if the Middle East suddenly lays down all their guns in exchange for hugs, and Obama is praised on Fox News, you know the girl to thank.

Wish #2: Everyone gets a New Years’ Eve Kiss

Isn’t it pathetic to admit you’re about to go another year without a kiss under the mistletoe or when the ball drops in 2013? Let me answer- yes. And I should know. You’re welcome.

Wish #3: Keeping Up With the Kardashians cancelled.

Now, I don’t know what is more disturbing: getting a career from a sex tape or the fact that the auto-correct on here just tried to suggest “Guardianship” in place of “Kardashians.” Anyhow, it would be lovely to turn on the TV without seeing one of the big-booty Armenian faces (and Bruce) complaining about their family drama. We get it. Families are difficult but they love you blah blah blah. Billions of people around the world have the same problems. You know what they don’t have? Millions of dollars and a reality show. Be grateful.

Wish #4: End Childhood Obesity

I’m really running out of time here so I just thought of something more agreeable and easier to explain- fat = bad.

Wish #5: I wish you all have a lovely 2013

I understand 2012 might have not been the best year for some of us but in a few days, it won’t be 2012 anymore. Here is your signal to start new and make the new year a fantastic one. If not, there’s always alcoholism and the new Oprah network.

There you go. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. 

Your beloved blogger,



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