What a wonderful world

Today, one week before Christmas, I can imagine the mood is not as spirited for many people as it usually is. 

26 people have been unfairly and ruthlessly taken from our lives; 26 people who could have been potential mothers, fathers, soldiers, teachers, lifesavers or who was already stand-out leaders in their community.

It was a sad day, and it still is. A small community in Connecticut has suffered a hurt in which many cannot even fathom in their darkest nightmares.

However, watching the memorial service being held in Newtown and observing the actions and words of those around the country in the last few days, it is hard to ignore the goodness in humanity.

Religious communities coming together to pray, strangers sending their love and money in support of those across the country, families and friends exchanging kind words and hugs to help ease the pain in others and themselves… what does this prove? It proves that at the very core, we are endowed to love and care for one another in our subconscious mission to not only stop our tears but to block out evil and prove to pessimists that humans do know how to band together when the time is necessary. 

So as we begin to turn our anger into love (and, soon, political action), may we do as Louis Armstrong had sung, and look around at our world and realize that, as a whole, it is wonderful.

Also, let’s pray, no matter what your beliefs, that the children and brave staff that have been lost shall float off into a brighter and better eternity.

Your beloved blogger,


“I hear babies cry… I watch them grow. They’ll learn much more…than I’ll never know 
And I think to myself …what a wonderful world.” ~Louis Armstrong 


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