5 Goals I’ll Set For This School Year (and won’t follow)

August is here. Unfortunately.

What? I haven’t blogged about my aversion for the fall season? I’ll have to get on that.

For now, I want to share with you my five goals for this school year. Whether or not I’ll be able to reach them is up to the future Lisa.

And she’s an unpredictable piece of thing.

Here it is:

1. Stop Procrastinating

This is one of those things people always say they are going to fix about themselves; until they figure out how convenient doing things “tomorrow” is.

I am probably one of the worse of the bunch. If procrastination was a disease, I’d be hooked up to an oxygen tank, drawing my last dying breath.

Which is partially why I think I should stop it.

I learned this summer that I like sleep. A lot. I’d like to have more of it which is nearly impossible when I finish homework at 2am and have to wake up at 6am.

But it’s hard, this “time management” business. Especially this year with all the activities I’ve signed up for and my lack of motivation to do any of them.

In fact, as I am writing this I am putting off two reading (book) assignments that’s due in two weeks, AP US history work also due in two weeks, running miles for cross country which starts in 3 days, and practicing my trombone for band which start…ed last week.

Also, I’m putting off sleep since it’s 12:37 in the morning.

So this is not getting off on a good foot– in fact, it’s not getting off on any foot.

I plan on locking myself in a room and forcing myself to do homework and then locking myself outside to run a few miles. But that strategy has not been proven to work so…

Do you -dear reader- have any advice? Seriously, anything will be appreciated. This is something I need help with before I’m forced to cram 2 books, 2 chapters of questions, more questions, and notes into 3 hours.

2. Reinvent myself

I want to be something.

A hipster, a jock, a nerd, a geek, a drama queen, a bi-curious cheerleader, anything but what I am right now: An average asian kid with a lack of social life.

I plan to do that with my clothes first, then progress into the verbal and physical stages of my development.

Like in the case of the hipster, I can start buying clothing from sketchy thrift stores and wearing shirts of bands no one has heard of before… then start hanging out with my fellow non-mainstream buddies and finally start listening to Pink Floyd (the earlier days, before they were famous). Also, I’ll dye my hair magenta & roll my eyes at the preppie kids.

3. Win something.

I have not won a (big & meaningful) award in my entire, sad life.

I want something my mother could be proud of, something I can annoyingly bring up in conversations frequently.

“Oh yeah… I won a little thing for that. It was no big deal, just first place and all…”

I look around and I see all of these people, olympic athletes my age, scholars, nurses&doctors to-be, with their college-resume-worthy accomplishments and then I look at me:


Who am I?

Another occupant of Earth and nothing more. If I died tomorrow there would be no indent that I made upon this world. Not even a little scratch.

That’s going to change this year. How? I’ll figure it out later (see #1).

4. Be more confident (SPEAK UP)

I’m shy. You may not know this from this fairly vocal blog but I’m pretty quiet.

Many opportunities have been missed (I think) from this debilitating social anxiety. So in order to make more friends, win an award (see #3), and make myself known, I plan on forcing my mouth to make words this year. LOUD words.

I think this mainly involves not caring about what others think and convincing myself that the worst thing that could happen isn’t that bad… which, if you are in my position, is quite impossible.

But I’ll do it. I have to. I’m sick of people going the whole year not realizing I sit behind them in science.

Literally, they do not notice me. Much like how my blog is on the internet.

5. Grow boobs.

Not school-related but I did hit puberty years ago. I think it’s about time they came in.

That’s my list. Maybe you have some of the same goals as I, maybe you don’t. In the end, as students of a dull education system, we are all in this together.

I hope your achieve your goals & flourish in whatever it is that you do.

Also, follow this blog. Because I said so.

Your beloved blogger,


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