5 Reasons People Like Me Make Blogs

Allow me to introduce myself, I am “bloggiechick” but you can call me Bloggie(:

Now, before I get into this list, let me first start out by telling you, in great detail, who I am & what I stand for…

I am awesome and I stand for well-made subs.

Now the List:
Reason One-Sex Appeal

It will obviously be a great pick-up line at any happening internet chatroom; “Want to show me your blog and I’ll show you mine?”

Reason Two- Fame

Admit it, since -what, 2008?- you’ve always had that distant daydream of being followed my millions, starting fights in YOUR comments section. Then, some big (possibly drugged) Hollywood producer decides to turn your life into a movie with two Oscar nominees. It can happen. Not likely. But people like me are too devoted to our delusions to accept that fact. Like Lennon said, “You may call me a dreamer, but I’m not the only lonely, bored weirdo.”

That’s exactly how it went by the way. Most people just get the lyrics misconstrued.

Reason Three- Public Diary

Since no one is going to read this anyway (but if you do follow me) 😉 it gives me leverage to post any potentially controversial/racist/sexist/insensitive/personal thing I want. Exactly like a diary but a lot more liberating. Instead of keeping it tucked under my bed, I can release it into the world, where someday, the later generations will find it and see my literary genius. I’m sure that’s how Anne Frank planned it. (see, if I was famous, that may be considered “anti-semitic”)

Reason Four- YOU.

Yes YOU, the person reading this post because YOU have nothing else to do at the moment. I wish to inform YOU. On what? I’m not really sure yet. Guess YOU’ll have to follow and find out(; …YOU.

Reason Five- Boredom

That’s it. I’m bored. This looks fun and time-consuming so why not?

So there it is, five reasons awesome people (people like me) start blogs. I hope you enjoyed and if you comment on this post, I will send you a baloney sandwich.

Your beloved blogger,



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